Saturday, September 10, 2011

~~~Cliches ~~~

I watching an episode sometime back .. where I came across a scene
Where one character says to the other...

No matter what you did, don't give up. Do. Not. Give. Up.”
“Because if she loves you, she'll forgive you.”
“You really believe that?”
“I have to. Otherwise there's no point. 
There is no life without love. Not one worth having anyway.”
It is so true.. all our lives we crave for love, more love..and some more love..
Love makes you feel so alive.. The fact that you can be with someone without even changing a thing about you is so amazing..
I think love makes you feel strong.. You have the courage to face any thing in the world..
Isn't it amazing that it makes you think about someone else at the most unexpected times..
I can't help but thinking about the four lines from a song..

Once, you have found that lover,
I know you are homeward bound..
Love is all around..
Love is all around..

Is the whole post getting too cliched..?
Isn't it stupid that we term the simplest of the things as Cliches..
They are the non tangible essentials for life.. Love, Friendship, Relationships.. Yet we term them as cliches whenever someone starts talking about them...!!!
I don't care even if you term this post as the most cliched.. I am ready to take it.. I will not fight back..
Because All that I am ... is because of these things.. !!

Please don't think I am too preachy on a Saturday Morning..!! I am getting more Lyrical for sure.. :)It is just that I was thinking about that scene for quite sometime..

 A friend called early morning.. She is a crazy chick.. we got on to discussing this topic.. She is recovering from a heartbreak.. I said Love is every bit worth fighting for .. and her immediate reaction was..
 " True.!!But just remember to stop at the right time.."
One should fight for love unconditionally.. But till when.. ?? I have no answer to that.. Frankly I do not..!!

So here is to the Love, Lost Love, New Found Love,Lost and Found Love...


  1. Love is worth fighting for...

    Till your last heartbeat :)

  2. AS always.. 2 things here too: :-)

    1. You yourself titled the post as "Cliches"!!

    2. That conversation between the two characters... is only about wanting luv... Remember - Giving luv is equally, or may be even more, important than craving luv...

  3. @Nikhil,

    1) Well "Cliches" along with Love is the theme.. I couldn't think of any better title at that moment..

    2) Yes Giving Love is as important as wanting love.. but not at the cost of losing yourself.. !!! I don't think the other person would/should appreciate that.. !

    @Jaimin : Well yes.. it is worth fighting for.. But as my friend said.. "True.!!But just remember to stop at the right time.." .. I have no answer to that one.. I don't even know if she is right/wrong.. To each his own..!