Sunday, August 21, 2011

~~~ Rock Bottom~~~

I am sitting here thinking about you..
I feel lost and don't know what to do.
I wish I had said all the right words..
To make things Okay..

Tomorrow will be better as they say..
I cross my fingers and promise not to lose hope..
When everything we needed is in our hearts..
Then why we must let it drift and die..?

Another not one of my days.. I am kind of low.. a little low..
As a matter of fact I feel that I have hit the Rock Bottom..!
Tried sleeping but didn't help.. so just thought of penning a few things going in the head.
I seriously hope for a better Monday .. a Monday full of surprises.. I need that at the moment.
It is so amazing how small things can change your near perfect Days..Life sure has its way of surprising you..
I am a little hurt today... It was just like an old chapter opened again today.. It did take a lot the last time also.. I am scared that the same thing would happen again... ( The fingers are crossed.. yet again...)
Life is so full of insecurities.. !!!

I wish you a good week and better days.. ( Just being a little selfish at the moment.. Hoping for the same wishes in return).



  1. I love you. Really wala.

    Does that help? :)

    It usually works for me.

  2. Thanks .. Means a lot!!!
    and yeah it does help.. a lot!

    Anything to lift the spirits high...!!

  3. Look at it this way.. Rock Bottom means it can't get worse.. To quote you, Chin up :) Big Hug!

  4. @Eby : I was expecting this comment.. :).. I feel better!! Details to follow later..