Thursday, August 11, 2011

~~ Nighty Night ~~

I Wrote this post yesterday night... That's when I fell asleep on my couch (While Writing) :(
God bless Blogspot... It saved the post in my drafts...!!!
There are blogs that I follow.. some of them publicly some of them anonymously ( He he he). There are many bloggers who have stopped writing :(
I don't like this.. C'mon guys Start writing!!!!

Frankly there are 6-8 blogs that I follow publicly.. They can see me on their followers list..
and there are 3-5 blogs that I follow/ Stalk  anonymously... :) Don't ask me why I follow them anonymously.I do crazy, stupid things at times... without a reason!!! I like the whole stalking thing on the blogs.. It is all in good spirit .. I don't do nasty things :) . it is just one of the things I cannot explain.

It was a good day today.. I was suffering from a badass backache and was suffering because of it.. but today I attacked on it... I played squash and I feel much better now..!! I think that's the best way to cure anything. Come on it a bit stronger mentally.. I am not saying that you need to play when you are down with High fever.. but all you need to do is toughen a bit mentally and you will see the difference. I think the whole backache thing was becoming more psychological and I did not like it.
 It is all in the mind.. how well you can combat the disease... I think more than the medicines the determination works.. just my thought!!

I came back home.. relaxed for a while.. but then it is a beautiful night today and I needed to clear my head a I went for a long walk alone.. came back quite charged and now I am here!
You know when I was walking around looking at the sky .. I was thinking of one of my self compositions..
(That is sooo cool .. to be able to relate to your own compositions later say after 3-4 years may be :)) . I love star gazing.. I love walking on the roads in the night.. I wish I had a telescope( Someday)!!!
The fact that I can walk alone without any fear is one of the reasons why I am in love with this place.. Back home it wasn't possible.. Just not possible!!!

Now I am sitting on my couch Looking at the beautiful weather outside..( I have a lawn attached to my house... I love my house didn't I tell you this...?) writing , drinking my coffee and thinking about the good times ahead...!!!

A friend of mine from the US just called me after a long time.. It was a nice and pleasant surprise..
It is always nice talking to people who are cheerful..The fact that he is not in the best phase of his life right now and is still smiling/laughing through makes him all the more special.
People like him inspire me.. they spread positive energy around.. They make me feel alive!!!!!!
I enjoy the company of cheerful people.. I wish I was a little more cheerful... !! They make life so much more interesting.

Here is to all the Cheerful people.. Stay that way... You help in so many little ways!!!

I am off to Croatia on Friday.. I hope it turns out well.. I have no expectations what so ever!

P.S : Comments ?