Sunday, August 7, 2011

~~~ ME to WE ~~~

It is a lazy day today.. :)
I am very much here in case you have forgotten me.. :)

I am so jealous of the people who write almost every other day.. One day I shall do the same...
You know someday when I am old.. and immobile may be( I wish that day never comes... It would be death for me...) I will get colored printouts of my blog posts.. using one of the fancy papers.. and then bind them together. I am also planning to emboss/carve my name on the cover ... (The cover would be dark brown leather..) 
That would be soo cool.. don't you think so.. ?

Coming back to the recent happenings... I was in Amsterdam last week and loved every single moment that I spent there...!!! I had to meet a friend there... It was just amazing..One of the best weekends...!
I saw this movie there "Zindagi Naa Milegi dubara" I kind of liked it.. The movies echoes my thoughts beautifully..
My favorite poem in the movie is
The best part is when he says "Apne Hone par mujhko yakeen aa gaya"
I like the fact that it talks about your existence...  I know I come across as a very Me.. Me.. Me person..
I really feel that we should not lose the ME thing from our lives... I think it is important for everyone to be in touch with their ME side.. I know in a relationship it should be WE and not ME.. but c'mon how can you hope to become WE with someone when you don't know yourself... !! Sounds like a lot of Crap..? May be I have not put it down in the words properly.. but this is exactly how I feel... 

I am off to Croatia this weekend... That should be really fun but I am still not excited about it...I hope my mood changes soon...!
apart from that nothing is really happening at the moment... !! I have started with my gymming routine and I hope I continue with it.
That is pretty much it...!!

I will be back soon!!


  1. immobile??? you don't want to be immobile & you have plans for it!!?? crazy girl!!

  2. Shreeja: It is just to keep me sane.. :)

  3. I understand the ME/WE part totally.

    And the coloured paper and leather cover sounds sexy!