Thursday, August 11, 2011

~~~ In Love ~~~

Wow.. Three days and three posts way to go..!!
The week has been quite productive...!

I had no plans of coming here... but was out for dinner came back home checked my mails..
There was "The" Mail which sorted a few minor issues .. so I am happy now.. relived!!!
Nothing drastic happened between yesterday and today but just wanted to come here and say hello!!

I am off to Croatia tomorrow... and Finally I am kind of excited!! Travelling excites me .. I am glad it can still give me that kick.

One of my friends posted this on Facebook "If a man hasn't discovered what he will die for, he isn't fit to live!"

 I just couldn't have agreed more. It is so true.. each one should have a reason to live for / Fight for / making life worthwhile..

There is no life without passions... One life is all you have and you need to Live It UP.
I need a long life...I have already mentioned that thousand times ( Check This).. C'mon there is a long list of passions here and I am not giving them up at any point of time..

Even though there have been a few "Fcuk UP's" in life but I have fought back harder every single time ... so it is a hard earned life and no I am not ready to give up on life  as yet...!!!
I am in love with LIFE and will always be in love with LIFE......

So here is to the Passions, Dreams, thoughts and above all LIFE.
I will be back after my Croatian adventure...

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  1. totally agree... its your life.. live it your way... God will nto give it again to you to alter it :)