Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~~~ I have a Dream ~~~

I think it is not my day today...!!
There is no reason for that.. My battery just died off somewhere in the evening...
So please bear this post ...!!
I am just back after a vacation.. I was in Croatia..and what a place..!! 
The beaches were so beautiful.. The water was clear I could actually see all shades of blue in the water..!

The Adriatic sea had such calming effect on my mind.. I can't even think of expressing it here. The beaches were wonderful with beautiful people around. Nothing else mattered at that time.. 
The best part was the moon during my stay.. It was the full moon period and I actually saw the High Tide phenomenon .. I always thought that it was some urban legend. (What a pity that I didn't have a really good camera to capture the High Tides...I tried my best though). Nature has a way of beating us every single time..!!!

You know I really wanted to pen down a few lines there... It was the perfect setting.. so many thoughts were running through my mind.. I have a composition working on my mind.. and it will be up here pretty soon.

I went to SPLIT ( The second largest city of Croatia) and I fell in love with the place.. I love history.. The old Monuments, Castles, Forts I love them all... 
Every building has its own story and has stood the test of time.. 
Every building has its own life.. I love to touch the buildings just to feel the texture.. I feel that you can live the history for a moment or two...

I went to the Diocletian Palace and it was brilliant.It was built in the 4th century by the Roman emperor . 
It was absolutely a rundown Palace with the shops and eating joints inside. 
It is a UNESCO world heritage sight. I wanted to see some other palaces also but the other people in the group weren't so interested. So yes another day, another time...!!! 

Who says the buildings are structures... They are a story ...!!

Frankly this was one trip where I was observing people/surroundings even the stones more.. 
I am already on my next post which is going to be based on my observations... 

The food, the night life, the attitude.. everything was so relaxed. I actually lost myself in a different world. 

My next trip is to Blackforest in Germany and I am quite excited about this trip.The places dates back to the Roman times and yes the famous Blackforest cake is not directly related to this place but to the Cherry liquor which is the specialty of this region.. I am quite excited .. I am going there with a friend and yeah we have a good History to boast of.. The plan is to rent a car and see the whole region. I hope the excitement continues. 

It has been a long post .. Don't you think so.. I am in no mood to stop it here though.
Coming back to my bad mood.. I don't know what triggered it... I hate losing my spunk.. !! I can't live with the fact that I am not spreading good energy around.
I am just a little sad... !! I am drinking my favorite Ice chilled black coffee,listening to some good old classic rock and of course writing here.. This therapy should help.

Ohh yeah my shopping resolution is still intact and I am so proud of ME ..!!!
I have not really shopped for anything for the past 2 months which is an achievement **Applauds** . 
(Disclaimer: The resolution does not hold good for the Gifts to the others of course).
I never thought I had it in me.. There were quite a lot of temptations know the things that lure you in to it.. You just think about them every single time you see others wearing them.
 ohh That white wrist strap watch, A lovely Blue dress, Awesome Swaroski earrings, Polo Tshirt..( Do I sound like a socialite already?) . These are the things that you really don't need you just want them and they are always standing at the doorway to tempt me..!!! Grrrr I hate this. I will buy them someday .. I know I might lose my craving for them that "Someday" but I am sure these temptations would be replaced by something else....there will always be something!! 

By the way I forgot to mention the fact that I like the whole Anna Hazare movement going on in the country right now. Ohh call me someone who Romanticize rebel.. but I love it. I like the fact that people are posting status messages, tweeting.. We are aware!! I know nothing will happen this way but there is a sense of brotherhood/ Camaraderie that I see on these social networking sites and I like it. We need to fight for the change in every possible way and there is nothing wrong posting on the sites. Today they are posting on the Facebook, tomorrow they will think twice before casting their vote.  I pray for the good times ahead...!!!

This was an exceptionally long one by my standards. I hope to see all the comments. 


  1. Moments, trust me, only moments ago, I was telling everybody on the dinner table about your travelling expeditions :P :D

    And it's okay to be sad, at times and for a while. AM myself in that phase abhi. :( Don't like it all. It's so unproductive. :/

    Anyways. I love you. :D

  2. so much of travelling!! I wish I could join you!! :)

  3. @Tanny: The best part is no matter how much you travel.. you can't say that you have seen it all... :) @Shreeja: I wish.. I wish the same.. would have been awesome.