Monday, August 8, 2011

~~ Artisty Me ~~~

So I am back again today.. :)
I finally finished my self comp.. and it does feel good after writing this one...!!
There is one more which I am trying to finish but I guess it will take its own sweet time..
Give it a read:

A hundred words, none spoken.
Things you wanted to say, never said.
Now that we have to say goodbye,
We will wait for another day.

A hundred thoughts, never expressed.
All these chapters, never written.
Now as the curtain comes down,
we will write this story some other day.

Roads we never walked down,
Paths we never crossed,
Now as we reach the end
we will start this journey again, someday!

For me it is the end of an era.. an age.. 

Funny enough.. I sent this composition to a friend yesterday and this is what he had to say:
"it sounds like either a farewell to a lover..or an endof an event..or the end of an fits beautifully in all places "

No I am not praising about my work.. but was glad to know that it is not very abstract... :)
I spent my Sunday in a very artisty way yesterday... 
I painted for a while.. I am trying to paint a tshirt for a friend but somehow messed it up.. :(
**Corrective measures in place** .. 
Once my paintings are complete I will post the pictures here .. :)
I also worked on two compositions.. :) It felt really good...!!

I will be back sooner than you think..
Have a good one till then.. :)

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