Friday, July 22, 2011

~~Words words words~~

I am posting here after a month..
I thought I had lost it somewhere along the way....!! I thought I did not have it anymore..

am I dramatizing things ? I hope not...!! I seriously thought that I would never post here.. I came here twice / thrice .. felt like writing a bit but couldn't even write a sentence.

Sometimes I am so jealous of the people who say things in the near perfect manner.They have it all figured out.. They know the perfect words at the right time...!!! Sometimes I feel jealous of the Lyricists as well... You know the feeling when you get when you listen to a near perfect song that describes your sentiments just perfectly well.
I always end up wondering when would I write such stuff ... I want the others to feel the same when they read my words.

Okay time for some quick updates now..
I finally got my glasses made.. I kind of look geeky / nerdy in them.. but it is high time I start wearing them.
The Health front is not actually quite okay.. I have dry cough and that is what is irritating me a lot these days.

Btw, I went to see Metallica live... and I know a long post is due on that.. May be before the weekend ends..!!! Wait for me.. and I will be here soon enough!
That is pretty much all at the moment...!


  1. I have always been jealous of writers and poets :-)

    I realized i could never write so well, so, I write just to enjoy myself - i don't expect anyone to even read them!

  2. glasses??? I have seen you in one.. remember in school.. though you did not continue with them!! :P anyways in school you were a kid & now I don't think you can look nerd!! pls post some pictures!!!