Thursday, July 28, 2011

~~ Domesticity~~

I am in a no mood to work:(
I am in the office and to my luck... it is quite calm at the moment..!!
The weather is great and so just thought of squeezing some time from Lunch and making an appearance here..!

How is life treating me..?
Very nice... !! I am enjoying being domesticated at home...!
Ohh noo I am still working but it is just that I haven't taken any trips .. I am lying a little low these days...Just like that!!

There is one trip in the pipeline though and I am kind of not so excited about it .. don't know why.. May be my last 3-4 trips got cancelled on the fly,

 I am off from shopping for a while.. I stay at home explore my passion of baking!! I am actually enjoying this experience of taking a sabbatical from Shopping,Travelling, Partying... 
I needed a break from shopping.. I was just going over the top.. I have enough.. actually enough and Do not think that I need ( Please note : Does not imply that I do not want :)) anything at the moment. Let's see for how long this resolve continues.. ( I am targeting September or may be October.. That is when the winter starts). I think I should be in control of my finances and should not let a trip to the mall throw me off balance.

Last weekend I tried the new cake recipe (Orangen-Mandalen-GrieƟ Kuche/ Orange-Almond-Semolina Cake) surprisingly it did turn out well.. 

May be not so nice looking... But tasted really well.
I have started wearing my glasses..and I do look Geeky :(.
I will post some pictures soon..

That reminds me my Metallica concert post is still pending.. It will be soon!
There is so much to write... I will cover up for all the backlog..!
I promise!


Just wanted to pass on some messages.. :)

To Tanny : A pic with the glasses-- Not so cool :(
To Eby :  Where are you Man..? I miss talking to you about everything... right from cribbing about our Managers to Change the world. I will call soon... Damn this time difference!! 
To Hemant: I will call.. soon! It has been a while.. 
To Shreeja: I will call soon... Very soon..!!! 
To Tarun: Waiting.. watching the clock... Tick tock.. tick tock..
To Jaimin: Endings mean a New start is just round the corner.. so Keep looking out for it!
To Bharat : Not sure if you are  still around on this page.. We have a long skype /gtalk session pending on Music Exchange program.. You about your DreamTheatre and Judas Priest exp and I about my Metallica Time..!!


  1. yes please.. do call or send me your number.. Ill call you next week.. I have updates!! :)

  2. I really want to see it, you can mail it if you don't want to put it up here or there or anywhere :p

    Pretty please! :D ;)