Sunday, June 5, 2011

~~~The Weekly Report~~~

It has been a while since I have been here..
and it has been quite sometime since I have written about the normal routine things ..
and It has been a long time since I have blabbered endlessly here...

How about tonight ? You have no choice... Carry on Reading!!!

The week was quite Mixed..!!!

I went for my weekly run with the adidas gang.. I went for the 5k group.. But managed to run around 7k  went for small sprints after my jog...!!  I got drenched this week every single time it rained... and as a result I caught cold.. and cold comes with all its friends... so yeah I had fever, cough , weakness etc etc

Thursday was a bank holiday so I planned an outing to Bamberg with a friend.We did enjoy quite a lot . She made me understand the concept of churches and chapels etc etc.. I was quite fascinated.. Like a lil kid in a wonderland. 
There were two highlights :

1) I tried the smoked beer: To all the Indians -- The smoked beer does not have any pork/ beef content in it. They use the same Medium to smoke the beer as what they use for Pork / Beef.. does not mean that they first smoke the pork/beef and in the same container or whatever they smoke the beer
 (Just wanted to clarify.. I have heard people not trying the smoked beer because of the above mentioned Myth). 
2) There was a book sale in Bamberg: I am so fascinated with the book stores.. and In Europe after the Coffee shops.. Small book shops are my favorite...  So I picked up a baking book from the sale which is full of German Baking recipes and the book is also in German.. I immediately bought it.. surprisingly It is not so difficult for me to read in German :) .
Now the new resolution is to try one recipe every weekend.. or at least once in two weeks.

I always wanted to see Europe.. and more than anything else.. I wanted to join a cookery school here for confectioneries and different cuisines.. I would still do that some day..Take a sabbatical .. Join a cookery school and learn things..

Frankly speaking I really feel that somewhere I should do something when I am in Germany..
I think it is my duty to understand,Live and respect the culture..Though many of my other colleagues don't quite agree with that.. But I feel it is my moral duty.. I would have expected the same out of them.
I know so many Germans here who when were in India on an official visit.. learnt quite a lot of Hindi.. enjoyed our culture and tried their best to blend in..
I am trying to learn the language as well (slowly and steadily).. This is just my way of understanding the place better. 

I got a very good surprise last night.. My Phone rang at 2:00 AM . I picked it up and it was none other Than Eby.. finally he called me up :) We chatted for a while... Sometimes it amazes me.. We have to put no extra effort.. It is always like we pick up the pieces from our last conversation and move on from there... We never feel the distance. We never lose out on the comfort factor... It is always the same every bloody time and I am so glad that we are best of friends (Eby : Hope I am not assuming too much .. :)).

The surprise did not end here .. There is a friend of mine who turned up with a bunch of roses and that was really cool... made me feel a little better.. :) and we had ingwerbrot and Kaffee :)
Ingwerbrot is nothing but the Ginger Bread.. You know how I was bragging about my resolutions... so today was the first chapter!! I have posted the pictures to support my bragging :)

Now , I am sipping my green tea and posting here and re-living the week which just got over.. :)..!!!
The coming weekend I am off to Vienna and Bratislava... I am quite looking forward to this trip.. !!!!
I have heard that Vienna is really beautiful and so is Bratislava.. I think I will take a break from Travelling for a while.. I should start saving as well...!!  But then there are very little things that can keep me away from travelling...!!!

Before I sign off.. I just need to pass a couple of messages..
@Shreeja: Have you stopped reading my blog ? I don't see any of your comments..!!!
@Tarun: I need you back on this space..
@Tanny: Still waiting for your letter .. :( Can you mail me your postal address? And I love the way you write .. Keep up the momentum..!!
@Hemant: Couldn't Plan a rendezvous .. Wish you were here :( I still remember the last time when we met .. (You were in Hyderabad.. and we went for a short walk.. discussing/bitching about the new company policies..)
@Aditi: I am waiting for your new blog post.. It has been really long.. Post your sketches or whatever .. I need to see one up there!!
@Eby: I need a new post.. :)

Here is to a good week , good health and inner peace..!!
Stay here, I will be back with lots of blabbering ...Until then..!!


  1. That gingerbread look so much like Mom-made cake!

  2. I am so missing all the fun :( :|
    Very nice piece of writing !
    High Points of the blog which intrigues me :
    *SMOKE BEER* i never tasted it when i was in Europe. Hope we'll do the bottom ups soon...CHEERs..

    *Small Book Shops and Bakeries* : Best part of being in europe is not to dine at Hilton or Ritz but to binge on or enjoy the native street side food.
    Last visit my stomach used to go gaga over panini nd crepes (France) ,Home made chocolates swiss cottage cheese (swiss) ,muffins n fish nd chips,Bake potato (London).

    I have lots to say but i believe i'll end up writing a blog then :)...
    ALL i hope that the next time you are having smoke beer nd cakes I am not reading it but enjoying them with you :):)...
    To summarize it i would say very simple and yet lively piece of writing ...

    HAIL the EURO TRIP!!!
    *Pls Note : I am ready to switch my job for the bakery :P...

  3. Oh my God, reading your blog makes me want to start earning just so that I can travel around the world. :D
    And mind you I have never wanted to work :P

    I love this post and the baking idea is wonderful!
    Even i planned last week to start cooking in these vacations.

    I don't know where the letter went. :(
    Inna lamba letter likha tha maine :,(

    Anyway, and a message for Aditi- You sketch...WOW! How awesome is that! Please put them up and i like the way you write, so yes, an added request, please start writing again! :)

  4. awweee baby.. I read all of these & love to read about your lifestyle.. just don't post any comment.. will make sure to mark my attendance ;)

  5. the Ingwerbrot looks tempting :)

  6. @Eby : Come to Europe.. :)
    @Tarun: Very soon.. :) waiting eagerly..
    @Shreeja : Thank you.. :) I have full faith in you...!!! :):)

  7. I wish, Sunshine, I wish!!
    Btw, no you're not assuming too much :)

  8. Make hay while the sun shines!!... Travel Travel... now is the time to do so... You've got the entire winter to save some dough :)

  9. ting tong!!

    where is the next chapter :)