Saturday, June 18, 2011

~~Nothing To Fear~~

I was back in the squash court today.. Remember This ?
There was a squash tournament in the club where I used to play. They had invited different clubs to come and play.

There were girls from different clubs/states/places in Germany (They all had played at the club level/ Corporate Level).. I was quite scared of playing with them..Rather I was scared of entering in the court again...!!
But I did it!!!! I can play again.. Frankly this is the biggest achievement I have had in ages...!!!
I played like hell today.. and I did some running as well :) I felt like a star :)
A lot of credit goes to the opponents.. They were dignified, Professional and careful.. Not even for a moment I saw anyone getting aggressive on the court even when they were losing..!! They were smiling always... and gave away points whenever there was a risk /chance of hurting me. I felt respected...!
I did the same.. because I respected them!! It is just a game.. winning and losing is just one aspect.. I believe in the larger picture... "Gaining respect for my Game"
Frankly I really think that.. The person's character comes out in Defeat.. A man can never fake his character when he is losing.. Like a wise man once said.. "The most vital test of a man's character is not how he behaves after success, but how he sustains defeat."

I am feeling good... really good.. !! I am not scared of Squash anymore :).
It was a good day.. I came out in the evening and realized that my bus had already left .. so went to a shop and gifted myself a tshirt for my commendable performance :). Went to Starbucks and pampered myself with a cup of coffee..:). Bumped in to a friend there.. and then we had one more cup of coffee and when we were coming back we were chit chatting...I was just telling him how Europe was always my dream.. There is no doubt that I can take vacations when I am in India and travel to Europe... but it would somehow always be different than staying here and exploring...It would be for sure...!!! (Currency conversions, Logistics, vacations blah blah blah..) There is so much to see and explore here... :) For example : I would never travel from India to see the Lake Achensee. What do you guys think .. ?

Frankly after coming here I realized how much I like exploring things , places, culture, coffee, food...
I Think I have blabbered enough... :) I should let my blog rest.. :)

Keep em coming..!
I am writing a self comp.. which I feel is kind of interesting...It will be here soon...:)
Until Then,