Monday, June 13, 2011

~~~ Just a Dreamer ~~~

Never realized that the last posts caption would become true.. (The weekly report)..
Thanks a lot for all your comments ..!! I quiet enjoyed them..It was important to get some attention :)

Well My Vienna and Bratislava trip got cancelled.. Some glitches..!!
So I am planning another trip now to Budapest probably lets see how it works out.

I was busy doing nothing this weekend. Frankly I didnt do much this weekend.
I have my own coffee corner now in my house.. :) It is so Comfortable.

This was one highlight of the weekend and of course I went to the Erlangen Beer Fest. It was my first beer fest and it was absolutely fun. I am looking forward to the Herzogenaurach Beer Fest and then to the Munich Beer fest. So many people turned up wearing the traditional Bavarian dresses. I am pretty inspired now .. Planning to buy one myself for the beer fest . Of course I will post the pictures.

I gave myself a good haircut today... :) I was bored of seeing the same me every time in the mirror.. so just thought of doing some experimentation..!! 

I think my weekend was pretty relaxed.. I am planning to paint something this week. It is all hazy and all in the mind.. I hope to finish it soon.

I tried one recipe this week "Suesser teekuchen mit ingwermarmelade"

Baking is a lot of fun..I would love to pursue it as a profession one day. It would be like a dream come true..
It is so interesting how these small little activities can brighten up your day at times..

It was a normal Sunday and I wasn't up for any physical activity so decided to bake a recipe just for the change of scene/ Kill time..I just loved the final result and I have had 3-4 pieces already ( I normally don't go beyond 1.) . I think these days I am in love with Life.. :) I crib less.. I experience more.. I have become more forgiving..!! May be it is the summer talking....!!!
I want your comments to continue over here...!!
Btw, This blog is 4.5 years old.. It feels good.. Really good!! The fact that I have something to capture memories from the yesteryear's . . I feel Friggin good :)

Will be back soon with the Beer Fest pics..
Until then,


  1. Pics of the haircut please!

  2. Coffee corner looks nice.. & I want the pics too of beer fest & your new haircut :)

  3. Congratulations on the 4.5 year milestone!