Sunday, June 26, 2011

~~~Days of our Lives~~~

Those were the Best days of my life....

Yeah the line is taken straight from the Bryan Adams song...
I was at the Altstadt Fest yesterday... There you find multiple stages/ multiple bands performing/ of course the multiple Beer Tents/ Some handicraft stalls/ Rides for the kids..

One of the bands played Summer of 69.. and that's when I got to thinking about my best days...
I think that would be when I met Karan initially.
How we used to go out after office hours,Phone Calls where you try to figure the other person out, Flowers, Meeting his friends, Him meeting my friends... there was so much uncertainty in the air... 
It was all fun!!! I used to feel so matured... but still ended up doing all the stupid things !!!
I still remember all the places we went to... :)

It was fun.. !!! Really fun .. The Initial days...:)

The best part is I have that recorded in my blog... !!!

Enough for today... Time for a run!

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  1. feels real nice to read this post specially the line "I think that would be when I met Karan initially."
    some how it gets a smile on my face remembering how the two of you started going around