Wednesday, May 4, 2011

^^^^^^Up above in the North --2 ^^^^^^^^

Stockholm... :) That was the Scandinavia -Part 2. 
My first impressions...
1) Lots of tattoos 
2) Relaxed People soaking up in the sun
3) A bit chaotic
4) Lots of Indians, for that matter Asians :)

The city was full of people. You could see people enjoying their nth ice cream of the day in the public places. 
But it was exceptionally sunny when we were in Stockholm and probably that was the reason why so people were on the streets with their families. 

We had awesome food during our stay. We also took the Hop on -Hop off tour. 
The old town was full of small coffee shops with good furniture and tonnes of souvenir shops. 

We had a great time in Stockholm and then in Malmo ( Take my advice dont spend too much time/ money on Malmo... Not worth it :().

Now Norway and Iceland are on my list .. lets see when I plan that.

I just got a feeling that this is becoming more of a travelogue. I think I need to start penning down my thoughts soon!!

I am working on a self comp..Will post it soon.
Until then,


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