Sunday, May 1, 2011

~~ Up above in the North -1~~

Well my first reaction after landing at Copenhagen was... "Wow.. This is something like Delhi"Of course , we were in the outskirts then... and as expected I was proven wrong..!!

Next day we went for a cycling tour around the city. It surely was one hell of an experience.. We cycled for 18 kms with breaks...!!

Our toys...!!

 The cycling tour guide was Mike, A cancer survivor.. check here .
Initially he was stiff.. very much to the point but then later he also loosened up.

Riding around the city I noticed one common thing amongst the Danes... "Tattoos"
And more often than not these were not just the tattoos but an entire story engraved on their bodies.
I am in love with the tattoos now...!!!! Scandinavians are pretty much into gothic metal, heavy metal and stuff ... Every second person had tattoos, long hair, piercings etc..!!!

We saw the change of the Royal guard.. and it was indeed fascinating!!
The old city had lots of Pubs... I even picked up the Hard rock cafe tshirts ( I have 6 of them now :))
I think I will be the coolest Grand Mom ever...!!!!

We also went to Tivoli Garden .. it is one of the oldest amusement parks and truly Spectacular :)

I Took the free Fall... and I am so proud of it...!! One thing .. When you are at the pinnacle of the Free Fall that feeling is unmatched.You are literally at the top of the world. The best part is you know that in a moment you would go down in a bad way... but still the moment that you have when you are at the top is amazing...!!!
I could enjoy the moment and after that free fall I have become quite philosophical and I also preach the theory "Enjoy the Moment" ( An important lesson learnt).

Gearing up for the Free Fall

We had some good food as well... :) and we went to the beach also...!!! I love beaches .. Water just makes me go crazy ...!!

Crazy me!!!

I guess I had my share of fun in this trip... and Did I tell you that we drove to Sweden. There is a bridge that connects Copenhagen and Stockholm and it is the most scenic bridge ever!!!

I guess the post has become quite long... Let me continue the Scandinavia experience in the second post... :)
(C'mon the girl just got back ... cant blame me for all the laziness).

Btw, I want comments... I want to know that people still read me.. !!!
Until then...!!


  1. Just another day???I'm sure it was much more than that..btw loved the phoenix graffiti on the wall.. Nice clicks!!

  2. Mujhe bhi jaana hai, vacation pe!

    Exams make me morose!

  3. @National Highway: Well the blog was basically for all my musings... Lately it has turned into a travelogue of sorts.. Hence the Name!!! I loved the Graffiti too... :)

    @Summer Sierra : Exams - Just a matter of month!! and I still haven't received the letter :(

  4. :(

    I hate the Indian Postal Service.