Sunday, May 8, 2011

~~ The Bavarian Madness~~

I think there are certain things about me.. which set me apart from the rest of the tourists...
I do crazy stuff..well they are not really crazy things.. I just like to feel that way( it is better than calling these things strange).

I feel you are too eager to know about my strange/ crazy/ queer things... So here is the list:

1) I touch the buildings while walking.. I like to see the texture of the buildings..
2) I like to get clicked when I am up in the air.. ( This is copied.. I liked the idea and was like hell why not!)
3) I like to get clicked in front of doors. The antique brown doors :)
4) I always try to read the local language of the place that I visit. If I spot something remotely connected... I feel happy.
5) I don't like to eat heavy/ full meals when I am travelling.. I prefer eating/ munching on the local specialties.
6)I hate maps.. They have too much information... or may be I find them difficult to understand. So I never use the maps when I am travelling/ vacationing.
7) I can do without seeing the "Key" Landmarks of a place/ city... But I cannot do without checking the "old town" part of the city. You can absorb / understand the whole culture of the city by visiting the old town.. I like the feel of the old towns be it the European or the Indian cities..
8) I love picking up Hard Rock Cafe tshirts from the places I visit. Remember I told you... I would be one hell of a Granny.

I guess this was enough...!!!

I just wrote a few lines... Actually this Saturday I went to Regensburg and loved it. When we were on the streets of Regensburg (esp in the souvenir shop) These lines were going on my mind..

I keep going down the road..
I got to keep moving on..
I Got no time to turn around...
It feels good to be on the road again..

Coming back to Regensburg .. It is a beautiful place,the heritage site, the top 10 places to see in Germany.
The Bavarian culture was in full force.. Every eating joint had its staff in the traditional Bavarian dress.
People were relaxed. There were three breweries which I spotted. The churches were crowded.
The old town had cobblestones..  God, I love Bavaria!!!

The next Bavarian destination would be Black forest!!!!

I guess I need to sign off.. I can just continue with my ramblings.
I will be back.. Until then... Stay on this side!

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  1. There are few things you missed out like shopping ;) ....