Saturday, March 5, 2011

~~ My Space ~~

I am quite excited at 1:00 am in the morning...!!! :)
So immediately thought of my blog....!!!

The house is all set.. I have invested quite a lot in this house actually.. Financially, My Precious Time.. It looks better now..!! Check out the pics:

Store Room :)

My Kitchen... My Workspace

Drinks.. On the House.. Anyone?

My Space.. My misc stuff
My corner
I hope the place looks tempting enough... !!
I like spending time here... !!! I like to decorate my place...

Okay, enough about "My Place"...
The weekend has been coming along fine... I made Apple Pie and and now enjoying it all alone... at "My Place"..

I have big plans of running tomorrow... I hope the weather stays friendly..
I also have the option of cycling... I hate having options in life... they just make you more and more confused...!!! You don't work hard enough for "The Thing" As there is always an option sitting behind prettily!!!

I have been writing something for a while now... It is pretty much about me... Let me finish and post it here.....!!

Stay on this space for more...!!