Wednesday, February 9, 2011

~~Yes I do ~~

Well today is not one of my best days..
The reason.. Nothing in particular . The battery switch is off :(

I just thought of writing a small post here !!! The weather is becoming sober here .. Day by Day.
Work wise my life is chilled out.. The weekends are going good. I am taking things one at a time.
I have joined the advanced squash training (By some Egyptian) and I am learning things.. I have a professional trainer which gives me an awesome feeling.

One really good thing that I like here is that people never stop learning things.
The other day I was talking to someone and he is learning Guitar at the age of 50 and plans to continue for a long time. The Learning never ends right??
The learning curve here never goes down and I am very impressed with that.
Even I plan to learn so many things...As I always say.. "One Life I have got, The only one..."
Right now I am learning Foosball and I have a feeling that I will be good at it .. :)

I just want to be happy when I am old and immobile.. I will remember these days and be happy about them :)
I also want to travel.. The unknown destinations, doing those crazy things...Those unexpected things...!!!

I know the phrase "I want" figures quite a lot on my blog...!!! I am try to change "I want" to "I did"... and someday that will happen and Amen to that!!

Stay here !


  1. Same here. Too many "to-do's" but none "done"!

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  3. Ur each n every blog is awesome..but dont know why I found one thing common in all.....You really want to make most of the life....n thts really inspiring the way you write or in btr words...convey :)