Sunday, February 20, 2011

~~Sleepless In Seattle ~~

I am back, At a slightly odd hour :). It is almost 2 in the morning here :)
I am having one of those sleepless nights yet again.. :(.
So I thought, why not a post here about the latest happenings.. !!!

Talking about the updates.. My Injured eye is better.. The swelling is very much there but yeah with a slight make up I can get rid of the bruises :).
The eye pain is still there ... It comes and goes..!!
I look better now..!!! The last week was kind of weird for me.. I was very very very Conscious of my looks.
I had a black eye after all.. I could have worked from home.. But I ignored that option I like the change in the scenery. Working from home makes me really dull.. I tend to sulk..which is not a good thing.

I haven't yet started playing squash .. will do that soon.
I just realized a thing today... I have not had any strong opinions/thoughts/ reasoning in the recent past.I really think that it is a good thing..!!! You accept the things the way they are... You make room for the new things in your life!!!!You are open to the change.. :). Is that a part of growing up..??
I was always the person with strong opinions.. or say Rigid..and illogical also at times.. It did cost me quite a lot to be strongly opinionated..!

This week is going to be quite exciting...!!! Setting up the new house and stuff..
I did quite a lot of shopping for the new house.. and Now I am broke..!!
At least one behavior is  consistent ( Being broke...all the time).

Will update this blog with lots of Pictures of the new house.
Stay tuned!
Have a good night!!


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