Friday, February 11, 2011

~~Like A Man ~~

So , I got a minor injury.. !!
Well to be honest it is not so minor... I am trying to be all Manly about the injury..!!!

I was playing Squash yesterday and my opponents Racquet's Handle hit me nearly in the right eye with the full force...and the cheek bone.
I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.. It is so strange, all my life I was scared of Ambulance and their flashing lights and the sound of the horn of course.. but yesterday when I was in it I didn't have a single emotion.
To be frank I was too numb to even think or feel any emotion also.

The Paramedic was trying to keep me in the conscious state. He was talking and I was Blabbering.
In my mind the world was moving around in circles (The color was blue) and I was sitting and floating in the air..
I reached the hospital .. again, all my life I have been scared of hospitals ( I always had this weird phobia about hospitals) and yet at one point in my life I wanted to be a doctor... !!! Yesterday the moment I entered in the hospital .. I was scared, phobic for a minute but then I was too brave about my injury.. Showing it off like a MAN!!! The hospital was empty .. I was quiet for quite sometime, that did scare my friends who were with me :).
I just didn't want to Cry , look scared.. etc etc... For some time I thought that My eye was gone..
(I like my eyes to a certain extent ..!!!) and the thought of losing them was scaring the s*** out of me!

After the initial examinations the Doc thought that I had a bone fracture(Considering the swelling) and suggested  the facial surgery .. Again  as expected I have always been scared about the operations.. but I managed to stay calm.
I got the CT done and things were fine with just a minor crack and then I laughed all about it for at least an hour...!!

Things look brighter today, the eye is swollen, I am just using my left eye the cheek bone is swollen with lots of cuts and it is paining like anything...!!! It will get better for sure with time...!!
Life is so unexpected.. :) you never know what to expect, what to predict...!! It surprises you all the time....!!!!
I know just a small incident does not give me a right to be preachy ... But I am somehow quite affected with this incident..It wasn't just about the physical injury but also about proving myself that the sound or light of an Ambulance, hospitals, The CT Scans couldn't scare the s*** out of me!!

I know a few weeks from now I will be bragging about it "Like a MAN" but for now I am happy that I faced it like a MAN!

On this note, Have a happy weekend!!


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