Saturday, February 5, 2011

~~ De-Addiction~~

What a perfect start ..:)
I am a sucker for the perfect starts... A job well begun is half done .. right?

So yesterday night I went for squash..... a lot of squash :)
and slept like a baby after that and today morning I woke up at 6 :00 .. Did the Laundry
and went to my favorite bakery at sharp 7:30 ish for a Huge and Filling Breakfast.

My Place for the Perfect breakfast 
Came back home and dozed off again.. :) and Now my battery is fully charged!!!
I met a friend of mine for breakfast and we were just talking about the "Social Networking" mainly facebook.

There was a time when I was crazy / addicted to Facebook.. Checking the updates... Checking for everyones photos..comments.. Likes... Now I am totally bored of Facebook.. I know I should not be preaching here...!
I am just giving my 2 cents.. ( They are always valuable isn't it ?)

I added a couple of school friends on Facebook... (The long lost ones...) It was nice checking their photos for the first 15 minutes... and exchanging the comments ( Ohh you look just the same/ Ohh you have changed so much .. etc etc )but then after that I had nothing ... There was no level where I could connect... Everything looks fake to a certain extent ..:)
I am just bored..!!!! I think I need a new addiction probably..!!

Okay so the breaking news is I finally bought an iPhone.. I have been planning on this for quite some time..
The iPhone is surely addictive.. so many apps... It is crazy!!!! I like the concept of apps..

I might get lucky with a house finally.... I am just having a bad luck streak...!!!
One good thing that has happened to me is Squash again.. !!
I have joined a club and I play there... and also the other day I was just practicing the parallels and 2-3 professional players came to me and asked me to join them for the training..( Their weekly training). I am quite excited :)

So here is to the good times ahead !!
Drop in a comment or two..!


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