Wednesday, January 19, 2011

~~ New Year.. New Start~~

So here goes my first post of the year.. :)
All is well here... was quite busy the last couple of weeks... 
I was expecting a lazy January and suddenly got into some thick action...!! Part of life... It happens..!!

Things have been real good in Herzogenaurach... :)...
I have joined a library so I can actually issue endless books... (Their Software only allows books up to Two digits.. so that means 99 books at one go).. There is an English section as well!!!

I am on a house hunt these days..... The whole process right from booking an appointment to saying Yes / No is tiresome, exhaustive, drains you out mentally!!!

Almost every other house turns out to be my dream house.. :) The worst part about the whole process is that "There is always a catch.. The bloody catch " . The current house is beautiful and is overlooking an old cemetery ( Where the king was buried back in the 14th century..). I have to leave this house by the end of next month. I wasn't sure of my stay here so didn't think things through. Now I know what I want for a change so I guess the implementation starts right away!
I should get a good house soon!! Soon Enough!

I am quite excited about this year .. should be a good one.. a really good one.. :) I have a feeling!!
It is an important year for me... I am praying / wishing/hoping for a few things...!!! I hope they turn out the way I want them to..!!!
Fingers Crossed..

Will be back with more updates...