Sunday, December 5, 2010

~~ The Spirit of Christmas ~~

Christmas is here.. Everywhere..
I love the cheer around, The decked up shops, The colorful streets :).. The festive spirit ..
It  is the Best time to be  in Europe.

In the spirit of Christmas ... I also spent my sunday wisely..
Got up early.. went to the coffee shop with my book.. ordered a coffee... had my Ipod with me..
Went around the place and checked out all the decked up stalls...

A friend of mine had invited me for lunch.. (South Indian lunch :)) We played cards ( Bridge. )
had some more coffee.. and then did my favorite thing in the world.. "Baking"

I baked the chocolate - Coffee cake.. I didnt want to do any icing on the cake... It becomes too heavy .
Thats all from my side.. I will write a post soon..on my favorite topic these days "Christmas" :)
Be a Santa d leave some comments here..!


1 comment:

  1. Coffee cake...WOW!!!

    I need to take baking lessons from you! Like sacchi..