Wednesday, December 29, 2010

~~ Into the Chaos~~

I am just back from Portugal...!!
And seriously I couldnt have been more impressed...!!!

Cobbled Lanes everywhere...Narrow Streets running up and down... Graffiti everywhere on the walls...Young Boys walking / Skating past you....  Tiled walls even from the outside... Very colorful houses...
The architecture of the city is not very outstanding .. it is mainly Moorish ... Except for a few cases I wasnt impressed with the buildings...

The strong and mighty River Tagus flows through the city... It is quite scenic..!!!
Chaos, Chaos and Chaos everywhere....

The Cafes are the best part.. I can write a 10000 word essay on them.. :). Well they are mainly known as the Pastelerias .., They serve confectionary goods, Coffee, Food ..
They are open on the streets... People mostly drink black coffee... and are served in tequila shot sized Cups.
Most of the cafes have Live music which brings out the charm of sitting out in the open..
Everything happens at a very relaxed pace( Even when they get the bill).. esp after coming from Germany where everything is timed by the minutes...
It was a good experience. I used to hang out in the cafes a lot... Go there with your book... Order your coffee/ juice/ breakfast etc ... enjoy the sunshine and stay charged !!!

I was pointing out the similarities between Portugal and Goa.. ( Silly me.. isnt it obvious).
The same streets, architecture, the same words...( For example.. In Portugal they call Cashews- Kaju.. which is kind of obvious... because Goa exports Kaju.. Okay enough about my Gyan :))

One more thing, There are many Pakistanis settled in Portugal... almost every other souvinier shop is being run by a Pakistani... I wonder howcome it is the preferred destination... (What drives them... ?? I thought they were mainly settled in the Middle East, UK, USA). Anyhow, It was nice to see some Asian faces around... :)

Did I mention the Trams..?? The Trams run in the city... The best way to explore Lisbon!!
I am posting some pics of the Cafes, do check them out and comment!!

The City centre- Rossio

Live Band In front of the most popular cafe  La Brasileira

Okay , so I tried Sangria too and not only the Coffee in the Cafes ;)
The Famous Cafe a Brasileira..

Again one of the famous Cafe Nicola.. , Tom Clancy by the side, Coffee con Leche and a wonderful fruit cake :)

Music outside the Nicola Cafe... Loved the music :)

Graffiti special :)

My advice to everyone... You must see Portugal... There is so much of Chaos esp if you come from Germany where everything is so organized..
The food and accomodation is very cheap... It is any back packers delight!!!

I will upload more pics... Stay here and watch out for more..

I just realized that this would be the last post for the year 2010.. I think it is time to move on to the new year and the new things... so lets not Think and Analyze about the times left behind... Lets look forward to the future..!!
Here is to the Future..!!



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  2. Awesome...

    I love the cafe and the coffee and the live music and the!

  3. Yes.. It was actually wow.. and dont forget the Relaxed Pace part :)