Monday, November 8, 2010

~~~ Rime Of the Ancient Mariner ~~

Finally my Kane And Abel Poem is ready.. :) Give it a read and send in your comments..

Long time ago in the garden of Eden
There lived two Children of Men
Strong and solitary like Eagles
Larger than life like a dragon..

At the age of Eighteen,
They set to conquer the world,
Little did they know about their intertwined fate
which would grow into  lifelong hate

They embarked on a new journey..
destroying each other was their destiny..
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
In their ability they had the utmost trust

Kane wanted to grow and evolve..
Crossing the seas was Abel's resolve..
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,
Fighting for a cause , In this war they set their foot..

Men of honour…
fighting hard to become first among equals..
Ashes to ashes , dust to dust
Unto dust thy return

I can understand your confusion if you haven't read Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer. It is based on the story of Cane and Abel ( from The Holy Bible). I was addicted to Kane and Abel and just couldn't put it down. I guess that's what reading does. 
My current favorites are Alister Maclean, Eric Ambler, Leon Uris etc....
I am planning to go to Berlin soon. I have heard quite a lot about it and I want explore much as I can. Some  pics from Salzburg(  The First Impressions..). The city is really beautiful. It reminds me of the old world charm. It is quite serene. 
A must visit romantic place and well it is the city of Mozart!! The whole place has a rhythm. There is something very attractive about the city. Maybe it is the old world charm but who knows for sure!!


Stay on my side .. and explore the world!!


  1. I loved this book and your poem, too.keep writing:))

  2. I loved this book and your poem, too.keep writing:))