Saturday, November 6, 2010

~~ Moving On ~~

I am in Germany for an assignment :)
So this was the big update which was mentioned in my previous posts..

I am already in love with the place. I am in the Bavaria Region ( Bayern to be precise).
I am so damn in love with the place .. The place is clean, green , quite and what not!!!
I asked my friend to draw a rough map of the place..Thanks to her I can figure my way out.

My office is 15 minutes walk and now that it is getting colder by the day .. It is quite pleasant!
The best part about this place is that everything closes by 6:00.. almost everything!! There is no mad rush for anything.

I went to Austria the last weekend. It was good fun.. I am quite looking forward to my next trip. I hope it is soon!!!

There is a lot that I want to write.. but my mind is so blank at the moment. I hope I come out of it real fast !!!
I will back with my Kane and Abel song!


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