Monday, November 22, 2010

~~~ Ich bin Berliner ~~~

Well yeah .. I feel like a Berliner..
Two days in Berlin have left a deep impression on me.. :)

The place is so me... Culturally rich, chaotic, Beautiful, historical etc etc..
You get the best Doners in Berlin..!!!

The city leaves a lasting impression on you with its museums, graffitis and remarkable buildings..and the beautiful crowd ofcourse...

I am becoming a seasoned tourist with each trip.. I guess..
I have started travelling light...!
I visit a place with an agenda...!
I read extensively before visiting  a place..!!

I hope my posts arent getting boring these days... I have a lot of thoughts ..inside my head.,.
I am finding it hard to put them in the words..

I am again working on a song...
 Well this song is about the people in my life who moved on and how they left when I needed them the most and also How I was there for them when they needed me blah blah and blah.
( I know i shouldnt be wasting my time writing about such people... but I want to document this phase of my life.. so that I can laugh about it tomorrow. I have really learnt quite a lot from this).

I will post the song in the next post...and will attach the pics with this post.
Send in your comments.. I love comments.. I just love them..!!!

Thats the update from my side of the world.

(Checkpoint Charlie)

( Corporate Slavery)

( The water is running out and so is time)

( The Berliner Dome )

( The view of the city)

( Married couple put the lock with their names on it after the unification of West and East Germany.. for an unbroken bond).