Sunday, November 28, 2010

~~~ About who we are ~~~

So I am back..
Thanks to Many people for literally forcing me to write this one.

I mentioned in the last post about the song ..
So here it is:

In the madness I look all around..
Fighting strong to buy some time..
There is a left and there is a right..
I follow the straight looking for some light..

It is time to move again..
Running through the shadows and running through the dark..
I try to beat the time..
and the moment that gets left behind
The feelings are lost and the memories erase..
The bonds are broken as I try to hold them tight..
I cover the extra mile for the wasted minute..
I give it all for the peaceful sleep in the night!!
Confused arent you.. ?? I Dont blame you one bit
These were the thoughts which were running in my mind for a couple of weeks actually...
So just wanted to pen them..
It is about the people.. who left me...
 ( I have done the same ... to so many people at different points of time.. Intentionally/ Unintentionally.. I do feel guilty writing this... But It was time.. I had to write something for such people. )
Something has happened recently which I dont want to share here.. The same old story of the 180 degrees attitude change / personality change / overnight change..
the song is basically the struggle to find the balance between the past and the present.. Cribbing about the people who left and trying hard to hold on to the present ones...
I have tried to compare the whole scenario with the "running on the road" scenario..
Complicated!!!! As I have mentioned before .. I dont blame you for not getting it :) .
Coming back to my simple life ...
I am happy...I am doing good.. Living my life happily..
Getting excited about the small things .. The first snowfall../ Awesome Bratwurst/ Christmas celebrations in Europe/ Buying clothes for cheap... / Writing/ Good Music/ Getting clicked every other day :)
These days I pay  a lot of importance to the things that become a part of you after a while and you dont even get the time to realize this.. These things do influence/ change your life in a big way..
I cant quote examples of How and what and blah blah .Thats too personal, dont you think so?.. )
They become a part of your personality.If I ever plan to write my autobiography these things would certainly figure in it...
This is going to be an exciting week .. Details later!!
Cheers to that..
Do leave comments on my post....!! I would like that..
I hope the things are picture perfect in your part of the world...
Stay here on my space!!


  1. This one is weird... Half of your blog is confusing/philosiphical.. & the second half is secret.. :((

  2. I like the above comment! :P
    But I love the things you are looking forward to too... Snowfall Christmas shopping celebrations yayayayay