Wednesday, October 13, 2010

~~ The Road to Self Discovery~~

I am back after a hiatus!!
It is so easy at times to pour your heart in front of a total stranger whereas you are at a loss for words in your relationships..( Any relationship for that matter).

I find it so easy to write everything here...It is like a blackboard/ whiteboard for me.. where I can scribble whatever I want and no one is there to judge me!!! I most certainly like the feeling.
Dont worry I am not going to start my lecture on any profound thing...! ( Guys this is not " Love Guru " talk show)

Today I will just blabber..
I was just going through my friends list.. all my friends are so different from each other.. The only common thing between them is me..

A friend of mine is crazy about the doomsday stuff  while the other one absolutely loves to discuss anything.( The other day he wanted me to define Love... Ofcourse I snapped :) )
A crazy friend of mine wakes up at 6 :00 in the morning to watch "How I met your mother",A stupid friend ended up breaking her leg while skydiving. A friend of mine is a sportsaholic ( she is a maniac trust me: ))
I share my love for music, shopping , writing with totally different people...

Now with so many different things/ hobbies/ eccentricities if you "find your kind"... I think you should hold on to them.. so this is what I am going to do now..
 I have a bad habit of letting people go.. or rather I move on the moment they turn away from me .. But I guess this time I wont repeat ...I will be persistent in my efforts.. and This will be my year ending resolution .

My Kane and Abel Poem is almost complete... I am quite satisfied with the result. I will post it in a couple of days.

By the way did I tell you guys about my super awesome weekend plans....? I am travelling to Delhi on the 15th Morning.. Lots of activities are expected there.. I have to meet someone really special.. I am looking forward to some good times.. (Amen to that)

Stay with me!!!!


  1. I think am totally opposite, i have a tendency to hold on, and at times, for far too long! :)

    You come and you go, but we never meet. :(

    Inshallah, you WILL get the good news. I pray for that.

    Cheers to a happily exciting weekend! :D

  2. Oho... i dunno why i read good times as good news...oops... anyways! :P

    *Ignore that part*