Sunday, October 17, 2010

~~Ain't no place Like Home ~~

It is good to be home..!
I am here in Dilli and loving every moment.. :)

It is indeed good to be back here... I love the city despite of its shortcomings..
I have been really busy shopping and the "Other stuff", I am flying back on tuesday morning..
( For a change quite excited about that part as well)..

The roads are cleaner, Greener and better..
I like the scenery around post CWG ... ! Everything is shining brighter...:)
I Like Dilli.. this is the place where I spent the first 22 years of my life..
Every road has its story, every street has its famous historical eating joint...

Almost 80% of the crowd is crazy about the street food.. This is the place where crazy ideas are implemented.. Sample this : Chocolate Paan, Fried Ice cream, Vodka gol gappe.. ( we are crazy .. aint we?)

This is the place where you enter in any coffee shop and you will find the same mix of people..
There will be group of musicians ( discussing their passionfor music)
A group of folks talking/ emailing / "internetting".. doing their office work..
People networking..!
A yippie "Yo Mama" college crowd.. , an old couple feeling nostalgic about the old times, a couple sorting out their relationship issues etc etc ..

I like the sense of familiarity here...The sense of  "belonging here"
The fact that I can get on to the streets and shop for the totally useless things...
And, the beautiful metros which take you from one place to the other in no time...!!!! The city is so well connected...
I love this place .. and the little things associated with it...
This will always be "My Kind of City"

Will be back soon.. I have lots to write about.

P.S : I will post my Kane and Abel song in a couple of days..!It will be legendary.


  1. "It will be legendary."
    u sounding totally like Barney.. and the funny part i read it like that.. even a "legend .... Wait for it.. dary" popped up in my head..

  2. The Kane and Abel song is awesome. Now, stop showing off!!!!

  3. Eby, I started working on that again after chatting with you.. so lots of changes :)

  4. It's kind of like reading all the reasons I moved back to India in the first place. Nice.