Monday, September 6, 2010

~~ The Soup of Mixed Thoughts~~

I really tried my best to come up with a self composition... No luck.. :(
So decided to share the idea here.. someday I will write on this topic!!! I will!

The topic is to "Step Up"..stepping up in the adversity..!
It is important in life to feel strong, to act strong rather than being strong..!!
We must and we should measure ourselves at least once in life against the odds
.. to see where we stand..The struggle matters.. every bit of it...  it doesn't matter if the struggle doesn't pay off..Travel is more important than arriving..The Journey is more important than the destination..
Life is not only about the relationships it is also about experiencing the new horizons, going for the unexplored, Making new relationships... challenging yourself , Making this life count!
Pushing your limits... See what you are capable of, How far can you go ...!! Sometimes a little push is all that we need. So make this life one hell of an experience.. Have stories for your grand kids.. for yourself.

I hope it makes sense!!! I will be back with the poem soon :)

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