Wednesday, September 15, 2010

~~ My Story ~~

I am just a normal girl who is a die hard optimist... For me every story has to end right..! The ending can never be the other way... Never!

I am someone who believes in tomorrow... Tomorrows are always better, They bring better results..!
I like to think about my friends... well most of the times.. I think about those who left me.. who moved on!!!

I still believe that a cup of hot chocolate milk can fix a bad hair day.. A glass of cold coffee lightens up my day...

I love the color, look and feel of an old book at the same time I love the excitement of reading a new book..
I believe in giving second chances to people...!
I like to explore the unknown joints...The lesser known places... Places with History and lots of connections... :)

I like visiting the coffee shops and drawing up the plans for my coffee shop.. !!!!
So Thats Who I am ...and Thats what I like... :)

I guess enough of Jabbering for the day!!
So whats your story...?


  1. I absolutely fell in love with this post... TOTALLY!

    Because i could relate to most of it... and that is also my story!! :)

  2. Thanks Tanny!!! I exactly know what you fell for.. ;)

  3. 'super like this' just out of fb :)

    I know why you my best friend!! Similar lines of thoughts :)