Thursday, September 30, 2010

~~ My Song.. My Way ~~

I am back!!!
First things first.. I have put my Kane and Abel song on hold..
I got talking to a friend a few days back about Forrest Gump.. and the topic stayed on in my mind.
So I started writing something( loosely based on Jenny the only thing is that the genders are changed)here it is :

I tried to move away from her world..
She tried reaching out for me
I saw the warmth in her eyes
I crawled back to her under the open skies

I tore her pictures into pieces..
I saw the pain in her deep blue eyes
I saw the grace in her pain..
I put back the pieces again
I moved to the edge to set me free
To make the final leap..
when She held my hand tight...
I never in my life felt so light
Well you all must be thinking in your head.. ( "what gibberish".. But trust me makes a lot of sense to me..!).It is my song and it will be my way...!
Well Eby did a mind blowing performance in the office... The guy spent one -third of the year preparing for it. Much Appreciated.. and Much Respect!! Nothing but respect..!
I came back home early today from the office.. ( Official reasons: Keeping in the mind the Ayodhaya Verdict..!)
Made Penne Arrabiata .. see the snaps..
(Penne Arrabiata on the left)
(Garlic bread on the right)

( Dip for the Bread below)
Waiting eagerly for your comments.. :)
Pour in your thoughts !!!! would love to read them!


  1. I want to eat it... *finger licking good*

    P.S.- I like the song, made sense to me!

  2. ZAnku zanku! Meself much honoured!

  3. you spend a week in delhi doing nothing .. i'll eat you if you dont make all that you know for me, this time when you come . hmmphh !

  4. Deep..introspective and probably a little whimsical..waiting to read more of your stuff :)