Thursday, September 16, 2010

~~The Ground Zero ~~

Well Finally I am out of my block..I couldn't write on the topic "Stepping up in the adversity"..
Something very strange happened..which I want to share here!

I came back early from the office today.. While leaving I was quite charged up..It was the perfect setting .. ! It was raining heavily.. I made awesome Tea , had a slice of cake,
was listening to some good music...The dinner was all planned up.
All of a sudden something strange happened and I was out of my energy.. It turned out to be a low voltage day..I was feeling sad, lonely and depressed.. :( ..
I haven't felt that way in ages now...!
Maybe it happened because of the medicines.. Or maybe the fact that I am not working out these days...
Whatever the reason... the gist of the story is that my energy level just dropped down to 0...

It is totally amazing to see how life can turn around.. It was a good day.. I was at my chirpy best ..
and all of sudden for no rhyme and reason I started feeling depressed... !!

I tried writing something.. Feeling good now .. Coming back to my "Chirpy" self !!
I hope you guys like it too!

The world moves on..
Everyone is racing..
I helplessly stand by..
Hoping for someone to hear me cry..

I watch the people around..
Searching for the hidden treasure..
I stand in the dark ground...
waiting for the stars to shine brighter..

I hear the sound in the crowd..
everything is Au fait..
I am lost wondering..
Why I am always a moment late!

Please comment writing your interpretation of the self composition.. I would love that!!!
Stay on my side of the world.. I plan to be regular here!