Saturday, September 25, 2010

~~~ Diary of a Mad-Woman ~~~

I like saturdays !! There is something about them.. You are the king!!!
You can sleep late on fridays without any worries...Get up late... !!!
Your tasks are not 'Monday Driven' ... :) . It is a lazy lazy day  :) Meant for all the indulgence in this world.

God I love saturdays, They are wild.. not like sundays where you just think about the week ahead!!!

 Just thought of getting all bullety about all the disconnected things in my life...

  • I am reading Kane and Abel.My expectations are really high from the book..I read The prodigal daughter and the fourth estate  Long long long time back. I just wanted to read a masala book.. then My roomie offered this and I am quite happy .The book is brilliant.In fact I have started composing a song based on the book.
  • Re-Playing a song.. Does it ever happen to you ..?  I have heard "Bad Moon Rising" by CCR some 10 times already since morning.
  • I am back on track playing squash again .. I want to start running soon..
  • I miss Karan.. I really do.. I miss "la Familia... " . It feels everyone moved on while you were sleeping.. all the friends moved to chandigarh.. He moved to Madrid! I miss the days of Firangi Paani with the whole gang .. drinking,enjoying the good times, requesting for 'Light my fire' every time(That was me ).
  • I have started jotting down the things/ plans that I want in my coffee shop.. I know it is really a long way down in the future.. I just want to be prepared !! and plus when something good strikes you you should note it down for the future.. This is my dream and I will put all my heart into it :)
I have some random thoughts .. but I dont want to put them down here...
This "Wild Child" will write a new post for that!!!

Stay here for more!!

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  1. i know what you mean when you say there is something about saturdays.. I love them too.. Sundays are more like beginning of the week rather than the end.. it is controlled by the stupid monday.