Saturday, September 4, 2010

~~ Ain't Nothing To do ~~

I am recovering!!!
well the fever has taken a lot of my energy and enthusiasm..
I hope I recover soon both emotionally and physically.
This bout of fever was a realization of sorts .. also a lesson for me.. to not to push myself physically beyond my limits ( Have been doing that a lot lately)!

I haven't stepped out of the house in days. I feel like a little sparrow in the nest who has just come out of the egg and waiting for her wings to develop.

There hasn't been anything exciting in the past week.. I feel like a drug addict at home... always delirious,
light headed, drowsy, on a different plane, things look hazy to me most of the times..

I better get well soon.. there is a lot that I have to do!!
I started working on my self composition and left it again. Not enough Motivation :( .

I saw Udaan again yesterday and so did 2 of my friends .. and yes I loved it again and so did they ( Found out from their FB status message).

Just a question : What is it about rebel that attracts us...? Anybody who doesn't follow the conventional path becomes a Hero. Is it the Rebellious Spirit or being different from the crowd that attracts us..???
When someone rebels we either secretly or openly root for them../ we envy them .. What is it!!!

Enough of my ramblings.. how about you all..?
Let me finish my self composition!
Will be back .. "Alive and Kicking"!

Till Then!!!


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