Wednesday, August 18, 2010

~~Into the Future~~

The updates first:
I am not relocating to Mumbai... Long story there are a lot of things which I need to tell you guys...
But they are still in the Nascent stages.. so let me get the concrete picture first.

I have started working on my self comp's and I am trying to turn them into some kickass songs and will upload them to my blog/website.. ( Thanks to Ashish for that!)
I think I am just going to be a rockstar!!! ( ohh wait ... I am one!)

The Painting sessions are still on!!! so should be again uploading lots of stuff here.

By the way have you guys checked the Map on my blog?? so many red dots.... yayayayayay!
I hope it is not a spam!!!

I was just wondering about my future 10 years down the line...
So here is how I pictured myself...
 (Some Hot shot Mag.. or may be a billboard advertisment for some Youth achievement AD or something)..

My Photo in the background (Oh yeah a simple greyish and sky bluish color...and the text scribbled on it ..(Simple Font.. Nothing Fancy)

Name : Shilpi Awasthi
Owner of the coffee shoP XXXXX
Was a software engineer gave up her high profile job to open a coffee shop.
Painter, Writer, Songwriter, NGO Worker, Blogger..
Living life ever since!
I dont know if writing high profile is justified...but this post is about being optimistic:)
I think I will totally rock 10 years down the line... I will be a Kick ass Rockstar!
Cheers to the good future and my sky rocketing optimism.



  1. Except for the name and the first three -er's, the profile would suit me too.. :-)
    Glad to see similar dreams in someone else.
    Cool writing and i see that you write lots..
    Good work.


  2. Shilpi,

    Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.

    Fuck comfort, fuck everything, just go out there and take a sabbatical man. Travel, write, read, teach,eat,pray,love. It does wonders for you. Reconnect with yourself etc :)

  3. @Insanity -- I used to quote the John Lennons quote too ;)

    Thanks a lot for the encouraging words... !!!! You never know I might just consider it..

  4. @Vini : I liked your blog... Probably I should have commented there :)

  5. *optimism* is the word grl...
    thats one nasty word that keeps pumpin gas and keep ur car goin!

    miles to go b4 u sleep!!!
    beautifully written!