Saturday, August 28, 2010

~~ About the Lost causes~~

I have been writing this one for a long time now. I was stuck in the end.
Finally I have completed it.

If you read closely you would see that I have tried my best to rhyme it and hope you like it.
The inspiration behind this poem is a true story published in the papers sometime back.

As a kid I was always fascinated with the Naxalites. According to me they were living their dream.
"The rebels with a cause". A group who knew what they wanted. I was young then( with ideologies and had romanticized notions of everything!).
My opinions have changed now and I understand that it has become a "lost cause". Give it a read!

She had a reason..She had a belief.
Fought the loved ones, caused them grief..
they held her hand and showed her the path..
That day she became a soldier on the warpath..

Their Imagination, her canvas
Their Voyage, her destiny..
Their words, her sonnet..
Their Wounds, her pain..

They came into the woods with the speed of light..
They held her tight and Took away everything that night..
she became the object of every arrogant Knight..
she did go down after putting up a good fight..

After the black night..She did see the light
Made a promise to live a better life..
Chose a life of Dignity and grace..
To make this world a better place...!

Comments awaited!