Sunday, August 22, 2010

~~ The Game of Numbers~~

This is a follow-up Post.. Karan posted on this topic sometime back..
and it really got me thinking ..

The link for his post is :

It is about.. when should we call it a day in our lives...
I discussed death with a couple of friends and all of them had one thing in common..
They all wanted a strong, short and impactful lives.

2-3 years ago I would have said the same thing but I think differently now.
I am in no mood to shuffle off my mortal coil just like that!!!! 

There is so much in me and I can give back so much then why the heck I should settle for a shorter life! I want to live as long as I am not in vegetative state...

I want to Paint, Cook, Write, Shop ( quite a temptation), run lots of marathons, see this beautiful world, work and serve the society, compose Songs, play etc. How do you expect me to pack this up in a short life? It's okay if my life has no impact on anyone. As long as I am doing "my thing" it is perfectly fine.

If we are the generation X then I want to see the Generation XX and the Generation XXX and the next one...
Just composed 4 lines:

One life is all I have..
One life is all I have got...
And, I will live it up...
You believe it or not!!!!!!!

One life Is all I have got..
The only chance ... my only shot..
It will be my life .. My way..
so you better watch out.. as I am here to stay!!!

.. and who knows for sure that there is a concept of rebirth.. for me this is what I have.. so Might as well
"Live it up"!!!

So I am not ready to call it a day at 40.. 45.. 60.. 65 ...
I am here to stay!!!

Do post your comments about your take on this..

P.S : My readership is increasing.. and I am happy!


  1. Thanks sweetheart! I hope you dont believe in switching off early.. I want to get all wrinkled and crib and whine and laugh and crack stupid jokes when I am 80!

  2. ~~ The Game of Numbers~~---awesome
    i liked those 4 line :)
    One life is all I have..
    One life is all I have got...
    And, I will live it up...
    You believe it or not!!!!!!!

    beautiful!!!keep goin...its your life and do live it all up!!!

  3. :) :) ... Exactly!!! "Live it up" should be the theme..
    Well.. If you like poetry I have posted some of my self comps..
    Go through them.. and give your feedback!