Saturday, August 28, 2010

~~ From Here to Eternity ~~

It has been more than 3 years since I started this blog... Today when I look back I feel good!!!
The best feeling is that I captured the important and not so important events of my life in my own words...
No matter how full of mistakes my posts were... or how juvenile I was .. The feeling that it is mine makes me happy.. The feeling that I can read about my whiny posts and laugh about them makes me Proud!

It has been a great experience.. when I look back now..I can proudly say that I have matured and grown  as a writer.. :).
I have a record of all the happy moments, sad stories, Cribbing, whining, dark days, The Important events...

At Times it happens that you dont have the right emotions to express your feelings, the right moments,The right people..  I am lucky to have this blog... I poured my heart out here .. every story, every anecdote , every incident..

15-20 years from now.. I would still be writing and defenitely some mature stuff... :).. I will have some heavy duty traffic on this I love the very thought of it :)

This blog is my baby.. and it is here to stay!!!!
Stay with me... on this space...!I want to grow old with all of you...



  1. you will surely go to places..!!

  2. so true and well said!!!

    poured your heart out don't write thinkin it should be good and should make sense to others,
    always write for yourself with your heart and eventually ppl might like it...
    Best wishes as always!!!

  3. Thanks Ashish!!! I hope we are coming with the documentary soon...

    Thanks Tarun : Thats the idea.. Just write.. I dont feel stupid when I read my earlier posts.. I feel proud of the person that I have become now!

  4. Righto... i totally agree with you! :D