Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~~ Sickness bloody Sickness ~~

Every time I go out it rains..
The moment I step out it starts raining and then I get drenched.. Every time!!!
Then comes my stalkers.. "Cold", "Cough", "Fever"..

I am again suffering from fever.. the whole sickness thing makes me so annoying, whining, cribbing old lady..
Just when I was getting optimistic and happy .. Here we go!

I hope I get well soon.. I know I will ...I can beat this thing again!!!
Just had my favourite thing in the whole wide world... "Coffee"
I have started writing on my next composition.. This time again it is going to be about a socially relevent
topic.. It is just that.. I am not able to think of anything else at the moment.. I have got a few topics ready
Just need to act on them!!!

Well 2-3 people suggested me to get the book published...
But does anyone actually buy a book full of poems.. I guess not..
(Not to sound like Chetan Bhagat.. ).. I need some motivation to get the book published...!
Someday .. Yes Someday I will do it :)

I am too excited right now.. Lots of stuff happening..!!! I dont want to discuss anything right now here..
Let things "materialize" and then yes I will !
( Btw, My sister doesnt like that fact that I write Z instead of S .. for example Realize, Materialize..
She is from the True Blue camp.. )

I will take your leave now..
Will be back!!
Stay with me... ( Do I sound like a news presenter.. desperate for the viewers.. ???)


  1. God is always Happy after seeing you!!
    Anyways get well soon darling...!!

  2. Thank you :)
    I am recovering... and it sucks!