Wednesday, July 21, 2010

~~Small Talk~~

How about some bullety Items for todays post... ??
My mind is totally blank and cannot think of anything wise and preachy ( I am preachy most of the times... isnt it??)

Things That I love doing the most :

1) A cup of coffee, good book and some nice music to give me company... I love it ..
I can spend hours altogether. I am quite fuzzy about the coffee cups also.. A plain decent mug wont set the mood right!! It should be Grande. Preferably round and fat .. It shouldnt have any cheesy friendship quotes/ love quotes on it.. My Favourite Coffee mug is the Cafe Coffee day Mug with a newspaper print on it!
I think I am getting addicted to coffee... who cares... as long as it is not alcohol ;).

2) Baking.. I should write a book.. "The joys of Baking" .
I think baking is a stress buster.. You get so absorbed in mixing the right ingredients in the right proportion..
and as you put the baking dish inside .. you almost pray for the perfection...
I love the feeling... and When I take the baking dish out .. The fragnance , the color fills my heart with joy .. :)

3)Listening to a good song early in the morning...while getting ready for work..
the feeling is same as putting a good perfume .. the fragnance stays with you throughout the day.

4) A good workout ... How Can I miss this... :) . I like the feeling of tiredness after a long run!!!
The soreness... ohh I love it all..

5) Creativity : Well it can be in any form.. Sometimes when I paint a tshirt and it turns out to be perfect..
I love it!!!! Writing... I know I havent been writing a lot lately.. but the feeling is too good...

There goes my top 5 .. The rest everything is bland at the moment..
I saw Inception.. and really feel that it is worth the hype..
Brilliant Movie...

Thats it for now...
Please leave some comments... I am feeling malnourished...


  1. Mujhe bhi baking seekhne ki dil e tamana hai... :)

  2. And you know I LoOoOoOoOooOove coffee...and you gave your fav style mug to me also...yayayayaie!!!

  3. Tanny.. what is stopping you... start baking girl!!! it is good fun.

    And yeah I remember gifting you that cup.. I love that mug.. you are also addicted like me :)