Wednesday, July 7, 2010

~~ God Bless Football~~

The World cup or for that matter Football is associated with extreme passion, Love, emotion, excitement. All of a sudden everyone around is devoted to the cause called “Following the world cup” ..
Some feel for the game.. The others like to sit on the edge for 90+ minutes.. Some worship the heroes .. Some like to see the new heroes being made… while the others like to support the underdogs.

Whatever may be your reason.. we ultimately all understand one language, the language of football.
Well I have been supporting Spain and Germany for a while now.. The girl has her reasons..
1) Spain – The obvious choice .. The Winners of the Euro Cup, A very strong team on the paper,
Their players are in  good form, there’s depth in the team,
The goal keeper is awesome, Their ball possession is the most.

2) Germany – The team of MEN !!!
The young blood, Well the reason why I am supporting them is because I was supporting Bayern Munich in the Champions league..And hence supporting the German team seemed obvious.
They play an attacking game, The whole team is in sync with each other..They have the speed, the efficiency, the confidence. The beautiful passes, The way the Germans defenders have played Is awesome.. they have taken the shots on the face like the Men!And of course not to forget I have always had a soft corner for Kahn( the Ex Captain and the Goalee), Ballack (Hail Chelsea!.. The injured captain and the mid fielder) , Lahm( The current captain and the defender).

Tonight’s match is the most crucial match..I am in a tight spot.
The heart wants to support the Germans.. but my mind is falling for the Spaniards.. ( Not because of the damn Octopus silly!).

We are planning a little night out… I want to watch the match with all the noise, celebrations etc etc..
As they always say.. “May the Best team win”.

I was going through some of the football ads..
I didn’t like the Nike AD with Homer Simpson in it.. I am a sucker for sportmotion.. (My word for the sports + High Intensity emotion).
I Liked the script though but the ad could have been better..  Homer Simpson wasn’t required at all.(May be he was there for the Humor Quotient.. All in all a very lame move…)

The script for "Make the Difference" ad :
You could stop at enough.
Just another name on the teamsheet.
Happy just to turn up.

Or you could become their worst nightmare.
The one who turns a game in an instant.
Sees the pass no-one else sees.

Turns desperate defense into decisive attack.
Be the one that they worry about days before kick-off.
Who blurs the line between hate and respect.

Who can never be stopped,
Only feared.

Talking about the AD’s my favorite ad till date is the Nike AD featuring Andrey Arshavin.
The script for "Make the Difference" ad:
You could just stay down.
The grass is nice and soft.
In a minute, some nice men will carry you off,
the stadium will applaud then the press will call you a fallen hero ...
sounds like an insult to me.

I think the post has become quite long… I still don’t know it all.. Just tried to put my thoughts..
Please pour in your comments…

“Tonights gonna be a good night”… Amen to that!!!


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