Friday, June 11, 2010

~~Randomly Random ~~

Does it happen to you..?

1) You are going back from the office and on your way you are talking on the phone..

You make a mental checklist of all the stuff that you are carrying Wallet, charger, lunch box and You suddenly realize that you have left your phone at the desk.

(Okay..So here is a bit of the background.. My office campus is huge.. There are some 19 buildings in the campus and as luck would have it .. I sit in the last building.. so every morning I walk for 1 km to reach my building from the main gate and vice versa.

So while walking from the building to the main gate I normally make those pending calls..


2) The Internet explorer is open and suddenly my mind goes blank and I am trying to recall the site that I wanted to open...

3) You are in your best Friday wear .. colourful, The mood is good and suddenly you see yourself in the mirror and find yourself FAT. ( I conveniently declare the Mirror as distorted in that case).

4) You talk to some Arrogant, sadistic, Frustrated, Idiot ..( In my Case they are mostly the people I have at my workplace) and then later when the whole conversation is replaying in your mind.. You come up with the wittiest answers/ comments .

5) You make a mental checklist of all the things to be done when the weekend is approaching..

And on Monday mornings/Sunday night you revise the checklist again and postpone all the things for the next weekend.

I don’t want to scare you all with the freaked out thoughts . I will not make this post any uglier..

Do add your points to it...



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