Saturday, June 26, 2010

~~Getting the High~~

I like to challenge myself...
My limits... I push myself to the wall ( I do bounce back :) )
I like to see how far I can take things.. how well I can take things when the things are not in my favour..

And, That's what keeps me going... A new challenge everyday!
I challenge myself.. That's what gives me a Real High!

Physically :
1) I particularly like to challenge my stamina here.. I like increasing the speed of the treadmill unrealistically ( I have faced injuries in the past because of that..).I like to test the distance ..
Though I have sobered down these days.. I just run for 3kms.. 6-7 months back I was running 7-8 kms 4 days a week ( Which led to the exhaustion eventually).

2) Watching Sitcoms, Dramas , movies all night long.. 10-5 straight..
I am cranky at times...
During my college days .. I used to sit and study all night..
I want the same high,the  same feeling.. and now that I have decided that I don't want to study any further .. so that's why I have replaced the studies with the sitcoms..

1) Every time I write a Damn algorithm for 2+2 in some new programming language.. I feel the high :) ..
I like IT as a profession.. I wish I could do Coding all my life..I have a way with the programming languages..

2) Every time I come up with something witty, something creative, something yummy.. I feel the high!
I like it .. every bit of it!

1) Every time I watch Greys Anatomy I promise myself to not to cry .. and when I don't that's when I feel the high!!!.. Similarly When I don't cry in the movies.. esp when it is expected out of me.. I get the feeling!

I hope it wasn't an ordeal for you guys.. :)

I am so excited today... I packed my old clothes... Clothes that don't fit me anymore(I am embarrassed to admit though!).. I have decided to move on... All this while they were lying on my shelf... while I was just being optimistic.. ( Hoping to fit into them Someday ... Amen!) ..
So the point is.. I hardly have clothes now... I hope Karan is reading this... When I removed the junk..
I was left with nothing!!! That gives me a Licence to Shop...

Lots of plans for this weekend.. I hope you guys enjoy your weekend too!


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