Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~~ About being Useless ~~

Today I just want to write about the useless things that we see around us..
Please Note: That all these observations are mine... and hence The degree of uselessness
may vary :)

1) Open Times of India .com or IbnLive.. after every news article they give two options to the reader
"Like" and "Dislike" . The User Can click the options like/ dislike for the news articles.
For Example: "Honour killing victim's family justifies murder" .. Now, how can anyone like this piece of News?? What is there to like in it?? ( I know .. tomorrow if Govt of INDIA orders the private companies to give its employees a minimum of 50 annual leaves .. I would be the first person to click on the Like Option.

2) Recall Message option in Outlook.
Everytime I send a mail in a haste and then try to recall it.. it gives a message
"Recall Failure" ( Now dont try to reason out with me.. I know the logic) .. It is just that
I find the whole functionality outrightly stupid because it has never worked for me.

3) Alarms application in the Touch screen phone..
Why do they have to keep alarms in the touch screen phones..
I have a touch screen phone and everytime My alarm rings on the phone... I switch it off in my sleep ( Since it is a touch screen no rocket science is involved... I just have to touch the screen and it switches off :( )..
As a result I never wake up on time..

4) Weighing Machines... The super useless discovery ..
How can they be of any use.. They are faulty 99% of the times...
They are never accurate.. even if they are.. I dismiss them as inaccurate.. ha ha

I guess thats enough for today.. I am running out of the steam ..
Had a loong day..
Lots of Updates are in the pipeline.. wait for it!


  1. you do realise that you had to be utterly jobless to make these observations right? :D Anyway, come up with a vol.2 soon :P