Friday, May 28, 2010

~~ The evil that men do…~~

The topic has been there on my mind for quite some time..
Every time I write something.. It becomes very Chetan Bhagat Types… Frankly, there are quite a lot of views that I want to express!!
 So I just thought of leaving my personal life aside for a moment and writing about the things I believe in..

We are becoming evil day by day… We do horrible things to the nature, to each other etc etc..

Here are some of the things which I totally detest:

1) Dumping the plastics in the dustbin which is meant for the “Paper Recycling” .

It is such a simple thing.. Why can’t people do what is expected out of them..? Come to think of it.. is it that difficult..?Finding out the correct Rubbish Bin for the waste? Esp. when the instructions are clear and marked in Red.

2) Taking electricity for granted.. Even after the mandatory rule of an hour’s power cut

Some people haven’t been successful in understanding the reason behind this rule..

They go overboard.. they never switch off the lights/ fans when they are done. They think that it is their fundamental right to use as much as they want… C’mon guys we are not supposed to celebrate Diwali everyday!

3) The same case is with the water.. I have seen people not closing the basin tap tightly once they are done.. so there is always some amount of water which is leaking somewhere.

4) The other day a lady was seated next to me in the office bus. She was eating an apple and when she was done.. she threw the pith out of the moving bus.I understand it must have been quite inconvenient for her carrying the pith around… but what she did was unacceptable..

5) Breaking the queue .. Well people literally break the queue into pieces.. When they see that the queue is long they form another queue.. Chaotic isn’t it..? because of someone else..

Nay! I don’t think so.. we create the chaos and then blame it on the others .. We have to stop breaking the queue.

6) Putting the fake bills in the system and getting compensated for that.. Howzzat!!! Your Company is supposed to compensate you for the Movers and Packers, lunch/ dinner

When you are on-duty but that doesn’t mean that you will change 5,000 to 15,000 .. That’s Outrageous, daylight robbery.. For me, Between Ethics and Money .. ETHICS Win hands down!!!

The worst part is when people make a big show off about it!!! Even The Fake medical bills come under this category…

7) Taking the printouts of the e-books. This is quite common at our workplace. People first download the e-books using torrents, Then they send it to their office ID’s . Since we are not supposed to fire more than a certain amount of pages ( 100 or 200.. don’t remember). They print the whole e-book in a weeks/ 2 weeks time.Saves quite a lot of money isn’t it?? What about the 300-400 pages that you wasted on your ebook . There is an old saying.. “ A Book is a Man’s best friend “ How can We have a “pirated” friend… WE MUST STOP THIS!

I guess I have said it all!! There are a lot many other points as well! I don’t want to make this post very long…

A sincere request to all of you.. If you are reading this post .. and feel strongly about a particular thing.. Do leave it in the comments…I would love to read it all..

Stay with me, I will be more regular here.. Lots of updates are in the pipeline…


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  1. "Stay with me, I will be more regular here.. Lots of updates are in the pipeline…"

    how long will you take to writethe things in pipeline? its already 12 days...