Sunday, May 30, 2010

~~ Cleaning up my Closet~~

I know.. I mentioned that I would not be writing about my personal life...
But a Girl has to do what a girl has to do!!! ( and That includes bragging about her life as well)

It is a lazy lazy Sunday Morning( err Afternoon!)!!I  Woke up early.. made breakfast and did my favourite part of the week(Reading NewsPaper with a cup of iced coffee!!)

Streamed a couple of episodes of True Blood, The city and watched them all... :)
The highlight of the day has been "Cleaning my Mailbox" ..
My Professional email id ( Not the office one but the one that you put on the Resume)..
Was clouded with so many mails for example:
1) from the different Tech Forums ..( Where you ask / answer the questions ..Dont raise your eyebrows ... this girl is full of Surprises :)
2)Job-Change Mails from the different job sites and the consultants. Take my word 90% of them were useless.The chances of getting the right job are so slim!
3) Mails from the Fitness websites ( They mail one healthy recipe in every couple of days.. well I have never tried them... I promise)..
4) Mails for the Receding Hair Line ( Nooooo I dont need these treatments.. I dont know why I get such mails in the first place)
5) Playlist emails .. Okay so here is the thing.. In the office I compile a list of the songs That I have to listen to during the weeek... and from My office id I send it to this ID .. I have been doing this pretty regularly.. It is like a therapy for me.. I feel good about it :) and dont feel jobless also at the same time.

So I just ended up with some 236 emails in my inbox ( dont be shocked thats the count of the unread emails).. The total mail count was 412 ..
I finally talked myself into it and deleted all the junk emails.. now The final count mail count is just 35.
(Not bad eh..??) I am feeling so light right now.. The feeling is too good..
While deleting all the emails ... I could re-live my whole 2009 again through my emails..

I know someone who doesnt like to keep a lot of emails in his inbox.. he even deletes his call log from the mobile every day .. his sms count at a given time is never more than 10.. I can so totally relate to him right now...

So now the next step would be to delete all the unwanted smses( Both Inbox and the sent Items).
I am feeling light and Happy! I hope the feeling stays throughout the day!

I hope your life becomes clutter free too.


  1. what's with all the "A 's got to do what a 's got to do" since I-don't-know-when??!!

  2. Thats how we do Eby!!
    Nice to see you here :).. Stay here !