Saturday, May 1, 2010

~~Career Oriented.. who me ? ~~

When I was in school.. I wanted to be a career-woman.
Well back then having a career meant wearing nice and stylish clothes to office with perfect hair and makeup which of course included wearing High heels with a beautiful handbag.

I joined an engineering college and  had a very vague idea about my career profile..
So my career was all about wearing those super stylish clothes to office with many gadgets, a super stylish mobile phone ( 3310 was the in thing then ), an IPod...
Going to pubs every night or to quaint coffee shops (Like "The Central Park" courtesy "Friends").
Planning super happening pyjama parties and trekking expeditions.
Now when I have a career, a sorta good profile and a career path all I want is to join a culinary institute..or an NGO..
and Yeah, The super stylish clothes were very difficult to maintain (esp the Ironing part)
The maid used to shred them to pieces.. Wearing those super fabulous high heels was painful..
Pubbing, coffee-ing was painful considering the horrendous traffic..
The High end gadgets became too boring, monotonous after a while.. the trekking expeditions never happened because of lack of LEAVES!

I have no illusions about my career anymore and when I think about it I just laugh!!!!!
Maybe I will re-live all my career related dreams in another 10 years from now ( I should be a successful business woman by then ...)

It was nice to see my friends comment... ( Shreeja.. ) We have been friends for quite long!!

Catch you all soon...
Stay here and keep appearing on my map, comments everywhere ..

I like it.. I like it!

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  1. Wow.. I am glad you atleast thought of stylish clothes and high heels to be a career woman.
    I dont think I ever thought through this..Dont even know how and when I got thru INFY.. I love the code/development crap but often I feel I am better at so many other things which I should be doing instead..
    Hopefully 10 years down the line you will have a great coffee shop /bakery of your dreams and may be I will sitting there with a laptop .. CODING :)