Tuesday, April 27, 2010

~~ The Road Travelled~~

I don’t want to sound like Ted Mosby ( Of how I met your mother fame)..
But the summer of 2010 is full of surprises.
Now when I recall all the events/ happenings etc.. I feel that there was a movie going on in the FF mode..
While I was sitting back leisurely in the couch.

There are so many upcoming events for my friends… for some it is the pending transfer/ resignation / Moving out/ Moving in..
There is a lot of excitement, a sense of mystery , a sense of something unknown waiting…
( updates Later !!!!).

I don’t think I take the whole process of friends “moving out” very well.
But then who does…? Unless and until you totally detest that person…
A friend Pinged me on gtalk after a long time.. ( Sincere Apologies … from my side)..
I didn’t have any time to chat for days together.. so we were just talking about the random stuff..
The paths not chosen, the roads not taken and how different our lives would have been had we taken the other path.. the other road..

No regrets though( we both agreed that we have had a lot of tough luck while we were at our decision) but I would say I am happy and living it up!

There have been so many frustrations , disappointments , lack of motivation, Fighting the lost causes etc etc…for me …. But then I feel that’s when you think and act! That’s the time when you want to change/ challenge your destiny, You push yourself beyond the boundaries , You come out of your comfort zone etc etc..

Sometimes I really think that I should become a spiritual consultant!!!! I am kind of going through my frustration period right now…But I am positive about beating it hard!

I hope you all are doing good..
Leave a comment or two.. It will surely help in fighting the blues!!!


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  1. keep writing.. I always wanted to be in touch, & this makes me know how my friend is doing :)